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Who are Nudists?

We are everyone. We may be your doctor, your neighbor, or the clerk at the grocery store. We are just average people who enjoy the peace and comfort that social nudity brings us. We are young, old, tall, short, fat or skinny. Just plain folks from everywhere.


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Welcome to West Penn Naturists. WPN, founded in 1981, is a family nudist swim club located in Pittsburgh, Pa. We gather at a well heated indoor pool for swimming, sharing good food, and socializing. Membership is comprised of couples, families, and singles.

Have you ever been curious to try nudism? WPN is the place to come discover what you've been missing. You won't find a friendlier bunch of folk. Bring a towel to sit on, beverage of your choice, a folding chair, and a snack to share.

On average, you'll find 30-50 members and guests present, though some nights there are more, ranging in age from toddlers to grand parents. You can join in a game of water volleyball, swims laps in an Olympic size pool, enjoy the sauna, use the tanning bed, allow a professional masseuse to melt your tensions, or just find a quiet corner to relax in. There is always a buffet table loaded with snacks and covered dishes brought to share. All in a non-sexual family atmosphere. You will be amazed at how spending an evening with us can make a bone chilling Pittsburgh winter just a little more bearable. Swims are on selected Saturday evenings, from 8pm till midnight. Be sure to check the schedule for theme nights, theme dinners, and fun contests.
Once summer rolls around, we plan weekend camping trips together at landed nudist clubs. 

Come join us for an evening of fun, food, and exercise, in a safe nudist setting.

Quoting from Genesis, "They were nude but they were not ashamed." Furthermore, because God created it, "The human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve its splendor and its beauty." 

- Pope John Paul II

Read how other people, just like you, felt about their first WPN swim experiences on the 1st timers page. For many it was their first social nude event. 



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"Everyone wonders what has gone wrong with the world. Why is there so much crime, violence and insanity. Is it really so hard to understand? How far from nature will society remove itself, before it realizes that it has created an imaginary monster devouring reality?

We are naturists because we are free... not just of raiment, but also of the shackles built by superstition and ignorance designed to harness our very spirit."

Bern Loibl

Check out the Whitethorn Lodge video

Educating Julie (1984) Nudist Naturist Movie


Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Mark Blinch, a photographer with the Reuters News Agency, contacted us in June about a project he was doing on "what it means to get back to nature,  movements on how people find alternatives to cope with big city living, and what it means to our health when we are absent from nature."  He wanted to know if he could explore the naturist movement in that context.  We agreed and he spent a few days at Bare Oaks both as a participant and as a reporter.  The fact that he took his time and tried it himself really shows in the resulting video.

Read the entire Reuters article here

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via The Family Naturist by Eric on 9/19/11

It is not a matter of “desexualizing” nudity as it is to discontinue to OVER-sexualize!

Nudity is not supposed to be sexual it is supposed to be NATURAL. If we are nude you do not say we are in our “sexual” state you are in your NATURAL state! You can be sexual totally clothed and conversely you can be non sexual in the buff….

Attraction or sexual thoughts don’t hinge on what a person is or isn’t wearing at all. It is all in the mind which is where sex and lust begin.

Problem is that we have made simple nonsexual nudity so taboo that it has totally brainwashed the majority. The nude form is a work of art and should not be sexualized. As a result it has created shame among the people in our culture. It has created poor self image and worth, due to media giving us a false benchmark that we should look like. It has created sexual deviants and people with poor manners that poke fun of those of us that are less perfect.

So yes we need to stop making the nude body sexual! It is natural and beautiful and should be embraced for its beauty instead of making it fodder for sexual desire.

Diary of a Nudist (1961)

by Doris Wishman

The Film follows a reporter (Davee Decker) as she infiltrates a nudist colony in the hopes of exposing its immoral ways.
However, once there, she finds herself enjoying it a little bit more than she anticipated.

This Film was extremely controversial in 1961.



Nature Zones - An Artistic Nudist Music Video
Uploaded by clothesfree. - See the latest featured music videos.

Music video from


Sunshine and Vitamin D

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Women and naturism

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These and many more interesting podcasts can be found at The Naturist Living Show, produced by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.

Inside PressBox Jan. 17, 2010: Ed Matz from PressBox on Vimeo.

talking about nude volleyball at Whitethorn Lodge

Podcast about WTL Super Bowl

Michele Rauter, women's pro beach volleyball player, talks about playing on the ESPN team at Whitethorn and more.

by Noodtoonist

"The Raw Ones", a 1965 nudist movie in it's entirety!

You'll need to ignore some boring music and bad tan lines, but the narrator has some interesting comments on nudity. Might even brighten up a cold winter's day.

Movie is divided into 4 parts. Enjoy!







Visitors must call Whitethorn Lodge in advance of their visit!





"Is the swimsuit really a product of a higher intelligence, or is it something concocted out of a society so out of touch with it's own humanity that it actually devises ways to become less human?"

from Diary of a Nudist




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Denise's Sausage Wraps

New:  Sharon's Rum Cake

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Read about an incident at 2005 Superbowl

Check out the article titled 'My weekend as a nudist" EXCELLENT article. Feel free to share it.

If you would like to attend a swim, please email us for more information.

NFN is the newest "family values" naturist site on the web!

"We are so narrow minded that we show war, murder, rape, etc. on TV, but we do not allow to show one of the most wonderful creations (the human body) in its natural form."

- Mario Roman

Are you aware of the health benefits of Naturism? Did you know that sun light and air on your bare skin can be beneficial to body and mind? Click here to learn more. 

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The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this. ~Mark Twain