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First Time Articles

When I free my body from its clothes,
from all their buttons, belts, and laces,
it seems to me that my soul takes a deeper, freer breath.

~August Strindberg

The philosophy of nude recreation is based on acceptance of self and respecting the individuality and freedom of others. If your curious about experiencing the nudist lifestyle to liberate your mind and body, read our articles and interviews with members.
Letter from a single female guests first experience

New Kevin from Detroit tells about his Superbowl experience

Ronald's first visit

Article Why Not?

John's first time

first time female visitor

FIRST TIME NUDE - Kauai's Secret Beach - by "CJ"

Ray's first visit

Dave's first time

Linda and Bruce's first time

Letter from Paul from Buffalo

Brandi and Dean's first visit

Michelle's first time

J's first time

Dave's first visit to WPN


We recently added an interview section to the web site, for curious and potential new members to 'meet' our members. Our goal is: if your interested in trying social nudism, but are reluctant because your not sure 'what kind of people' attend our swims, rest assured. Read an interview and know we are everyday, 'normal' people who happen to enjoy the freedom and relaxation of nudism. There is no better way to de-stress from the real world!!
Interview with a New Couple, J and R